How to create a Free Blog with

So you want to create a Blog?. Well if yes, then this guide will help you create a free Blog on Blogger/Blogspot platform. In this post, I will explain you to how you can make a professional Blog with good designing.

In this guide, I'll not only teach you how to create a free blog but also how to make it professional and branded. 

Blogger blog creation

What is Blogger or Blogspot?

Ans: Blogger or Blogspot is a platform where people can make a blog or a website. Millions of websites and blogs are created with Blogger platform and this is a Google's company. You don't need any money to make a blog here, it's totally free.

If you don't know the difference between a Blog and a Website then check the answer.

A Blog is something where people share their knowledge or personal experience and alternatively, a Website provides services such as Tools, Movies etc. But in this post, we will be making a Blog.

So let's get started...

One more thing😜, if you're wondering what is the Benefits of creating a blog than check the benefits:

  1. You can become famous 😎
  2. You can earn money from Blog💲
  3. You can help your Business to Grow📢
  4. You can Share your experience with the whole world🌏

How To Create A free Blog with

Blogger search on google
Step-1 (Search)
1- To make a Blog, first Search on Google Blogger like this, And click on the first link with the domain

Blogger button
2- Once you redirected to this page, Now click on Create Your Blog button and sign-in with your Google existing account if you have one otherwise, create a new Google account.

Blogger title and domain
3- After signing-in, You will see this page. Now you have to type your Blog brand name in the Title section and your Domain name in the address section.

After doing this, choose a Theme you like (If you don't like the theme you can use custom ones) and hit Create Blog button.

Blogger favicon edit
Step-4 (Favicon)
4- We created the blog now we have to make it professional. For that, go to Layout section and edit Favicon and upload your brand logo favicon.

Layout section is responsible for modifying and customizing your blog.

Logo edit on blogger
Step-5 (Logo Edit)
5- Alternatively, Choose header and browse a logo image of your brand, which will appear on the top of the blog.

edit gadget
Step-6 (Add a Widget)
6- Adding a widget or a gadget will make your blog look beautiful, there are thousands of widget out there to place on your blog.

Blogger custom theme upload
Step-7 (Custom Theme Upload)
7-  I like custom blogger themes because they are beautiful and well designed, If you want to add a custom theme then Download it from here.

After downloading the theme file, extract it and you will see an XML file in it. Then upload it by going to Theme Section ⇒⇒ Click on Backup ⇒⇒ Choose browse, and upload the XML file.

Blogger basic setting
Step-8 (Basic Setting)
8- Add your basic Blog info, such as description and your owned domain if you have. Adding your own domain will be a plus.

In the description, explain your blog what it's about.

Blogger seo setting
Step-9 (SEO Setting)
9- This Search preference is very important and it's responsible for your blog ranking in search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). 

Please don't use it, until you know what is SEO.

If you want to know how to make your blog SEO optimized than check this:

By doing this your blog will get organic visitors from search engines.

Blogger earning section
Step-10 (Earning)
10- Now this Earning section might interest you because it's about earning money from your blog by showing advertisements.

But don't apply for it, unless you haven't posted 15 quality articles on your blog. You must check: how to get the fast approval from Adsense.

And if you don't like to earn from AdSense, then there many ad networks from which you can make money from blogging.


So this was a step-by-step guide on how to make a free blog on blogger platform. You must be a hard worker to make your blog professional.

Once you created your blog then post at least one article in two days because this will tell Google and other search engines that your blog is fresh and daily updating its content, this will result in better ranking.

✔Create many blogs as you can with Blogger✔

15 Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment

In this post, I'm about to cover the best ways to make money online without any investment.

Why I started making money online?

Because I was a student and I don't have much money to buy my favorite things like (GYM Supplements, Car, PS4 Games and many things.)

Once I found these websites then I have invested my time and hard work and after 4 months of hard working, I started making around $1000/month.

And now I'm making $6500/month just by doing nothing💪😎.

Because I'm using some of these methods and it's making me autopilot income. All these websites and methods are easy and legitimate to make money.

And you don't have to invest any money because it's free to start.

Tip: If you're a native English speaker, then you can be a millionaire if you put your Effort on the internet.

Ways to Make Money Online

Free SEO Tools, which will help you Rank Better

If you're really struggling with SEO analytics or reports then please read this article till the end. Because in this I'll mention some of the best Free SEO tools to use for your overall SEO reports.

All these SEO tools are free to use, and also very handy. I have been using these tools since I launched this blog and I haven't used any paid tool yet because these tools will give you same results as paid tools.

Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money 2018

In this post, you're about to know about the best Affiliate Programs/Networks for making money. You don't need a website or blog for these networks but if you have a blog or a website then it will be a Plus. 

If you have a website you can also earn with ad monetizing but affiliate earns you more money.

You can simply promote these products on your Twitter or Facebook account or any other social platform.

What is an Affiliate Program and How does it work:

An affiliate network is a platform where merchant gives their products to the publisher means (You) to increase the sale. If you sell their products, indeed the merchants will give you the commissions. 

Now how much commission you will get? It's based on how good product you choose, every product has it own commission rates.

To earn from affiliate networks you will need the visitor to click on your affiliate link. To know how to get free traffic check this: free traffic sources.

People making a good amount of money with these affiliate networks. If you're worried about, what type of products are available for promoting, you don't have to worry about this as you can get any type of product from A to Z.

I'll mention some of the best CPA networks that pay huge commissions.

Note: CPA (cost per action) means, whenever you send a user through your affiliate link if he/she buys it than it is called CPA.

Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Social Media users:


Affiliate Programs To Make Money

As you may know or not, that Clickbank is the best affiliate program out there because everybody is earning from here internationally, whether he/she is a kid or a Gentleman.

You can also earn from here, you just need to create an account it's totally free and selects a product that you want to promote.

Payment Methods: Direct Deposit, Wire and Checks 
Minimum Payout: 100$
Offer Types: CPA

CJ Affiliate

Affiliate Programs To Make Money

In my view, this network is best for bloggers because CJ affiliate program contains product like, Web hosting, Domain Provider and Server etc...

The reason I kept it second because you can earn a good amount of money if you choose the right product to sell. CJ is suitable for Bloggers.💀💀

For example, Your blog article is about "Best domain providers"  than if you place an affiliate banner of (domain hoster) inside the post then, it will definitely get you conversions.

Payment Methods: Wire and Checks 
Minimum Payout: 100$
Offer Types: CPA


Affiliate Programs To Make Money

Now Skimlink is kind of a very professional affiliate program, because of it beautiful and smooth website design and easy to use tools. 

Skimlink contains promo codes, special offers, and products. You can promote a Skimlink product by various ways.

 One of the best methods that I recommend you to use is automatic link generator, what this does is automatically generates affiliate links in your blog post according to keywords.

This is also the best CPA network offer on the Internet.

Payment Methods: Paypal
Minimum Payout: 100$
Offer Types: CPA

Souq Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs To Make Money

Now Souq affiliate program is for the Middle East Region, such as (Dubai, Saudia Arabia, and Oman) remember one thing, if you really want to succeed in affiliate marketing then you must target users relevant to the product. 

For example, Souq product could be sold if I target middle east users if you're targeting user from America than it's not going to work. What I want to say is "Right product for the right user=Sale".

Payment Methods: Bank Transfer
Minimum Payout: 30$
Offer Types: CPA

Amazon Associates

Affiliate Programs To Make Money

Do you know Amazon is the biggest E-commerce site in the world, and it's making around 340$ per second and it's very huge 😱😱.

If you work with Amazon as an affiliate promoter it would be great. You can earn very much if you target users from Western Regions such as (USA, Canada, and the UK).

In the western region, 70% of people do online shopping whether it's Amazon or eBay or any other.

If Amazon services are not available in your region, You cannot join Amazon Associates.

Payment Methods: Direct Deposit, Gift Certificate, and Check
Minimum Payout: Check=100$ & Gift -Directdeposite=10$
Offer Types: CPA

ShareASale Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs To Make Money

ShareASale is also a good affiliate program where you can find home products such as (Clothes, make-up, and special brands).

If you choose special brands products than you may get higher commissions.

It's also the best CPA network on the internet you can join right now for free.

Payment Methods: Check or Direct Deposit
Minimum Payout: 50$
Offer Types: CPA

eBay Partner Network

Affiliate Programs To Make Money

I have been using eBay for the past 2 years, and It's really worth using eBay affiliate program because it has amazing tools to promote the product and I have been making a good amount of money with eBay.

You can promote a product by various methods such as (banner, link, and promotion offer). You can select which best work for you.

Payment Methods: Check and Paypal
Minimum Payout: 50$
Offer Types: CPA


So, these are the best Affiliate programs on the Internet to make money in 2018 and beyond.
You can select any CPA program, which works best for you. 

It doesn't mean that I have kept Clickbank on the first number that it's the best "no".  It depends on you, what type of product you select and where you promote it.

Note whenever you promote the product, make it clean. Don't start spamming everywhere on the Internet. First, build audience trust for your self then start marketing.

If you're really serious about making money online then check these best ways to make money online from home or from anywhere

I have seen people are earning from their website more than their social accounts. Bloggers best strategy is to make affiliate link SEO Optimized, to drive more traffic to the link.

that's it...

Tips To Build SEO Strategy For Your Online Business

Earlier people use to spend hours on shopping by visiting different markets whereas today Internet has changed the concept of shopping. Now you can spend hours in selecting your design and choice online. 

Today, nearly everyone prefers to search the required object online first rather than buying it immediately. 

It is easy to explore and discover new trends and affairs online. Now, this shows the importance of being online.

If you don't know what SEO is really about than check what is SEO.
SEO Strategy for Online Business

 This process leads to an extreme competition among the online marketers. There exists a race among the competitors to reach the topmost position on the first page of the search engine. 

From this comes the 60% of the traffic as people type in what they are looking for in various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Now, this raises a question that how one should reach the topmost position on the first page of the search engine and from here begins the structuring of the SEO strategies. 

Search engine optimization helps the website to reach on the first page of the search engine. 

When a website reaches the first page then the customer looking for that particular subject would end up visiting the topmost link on the page and this would increase the traffic on the website.

 SEO services in Noida and many other big cities are mushrooming to attract customers in order to grow their business online.

Search Engine Optimization is of two types:

1.       On- Page SEO – In the On- Page SEO method the website’s size, layout, text, photos, and videos are configured so that they are they can be easily found by the search engines when people search for them online. 

If you're using Blogger platform then I recommend these setting for better SEO optimization:

Basic SEO Tips
Advance SEO Tips

2.      Off- Page SEO - In the Off -Page SEO method the valuable and relevant content about the products and services are shared on the internet in the form of blog posts, videos, articles, forums, podcasts etc. 

These content help in raising the rank of the website on the search engines and also in driving traffic.

In this process, the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing/MSN go around crawling over the internet and index to rank the websites as per formula based algorithms. 

The Google and Yahoo use both On-Page optimization and Off-Page optimization when ranking your website. 

The most primary job of a search engine is to provide the most relevant and appropriate results for the user or consumer.
SEO strategies start with:

1.       Keyword Research: The process of the optimization starts with the keyword research. It is very important to pick the apt keyword that would drive traffic to the website. To choose an appropriate keyword, lot of research process is required. 

There are even plenty of free and paid tools are available that can pick out the most suitable term in no time. It begins with the keyword as people search those terms when they look for a particular product or service.

2.       Keyword Placement: After the keyword research is done, comes the keyword placement. The keyword placement shall be done strategically in all the elements of the site like header, title, description, meta tags, navigation links, images, H1, is H2, H3 tags, Alt tags, Body etc. 

This would enable Google to take account of these keywords and rank the website relevance for these keywords.

The broad strokes of On-Page search engine optimization are the keyword research and keyword placement in a site. However, it depends on the ability to do the right and profitable keyword research and keyword placement for a particular niche.

SEO services in Noida have been treated as an investment and not an expense. The efforts you put in today will definitely pay off in the future. 

A proper SEO plan can easily dominate the search engines like Yahoo, Google, and MSN. It is easy for a website to gain higher rank on search engines and earn profits.

You can also get free traffic if you don't want to do SEO, Check the free sources that sends you tons of visitors a day.

Ways To Make Money With Android 2018

In my view, these are the easiest ways to make money with Android device, read this article to know, how to make money from your Android device. You can earn 150-250$ per month from these methods. 

So make sure you have Paypal account because most of these methods accept Paypal. So I'm going to write it down step by step...

Best Transcription Jobs Online 2018

In my view doing Transcription jobs online, pays people quick and good money. You can earn about 25 to 55 Dollar an hour by doing transcription job online. 

On average a transcriptionist earns 1 to 2k$ per month but it depends on your hard work💪💪.

Advance Blogger SEO Tips For Your Blogspot Blog 2018

I hope that you had read my previous post of Basic Blogger SEO optimization If you haven't then read it now or later because it's an advance blogger SEO tips.

So in this post, I will mention some of the important factors for your blogger SEO to increase your Blogspot blog ranking in search engines.

Best Root Apps List For Android Device [2018]

Want to know the best root apps for Android if Yes? then please keep reading this Article, people think what to do after rooting, what it benefits?

So in this post, I'll mention some of the root apps that will make your device a kind of beast and you also be able to know the power of these apps.

Increase Your (Yahoo! Bing Ads) Earning 2018

Today I'm going to write about one of the best ad networks out there and I will explain how to increase (Yahoo & Bing) earning. 

I'm writing this Article because some people are getting ZERO RPM$ on getting tons of impressions to ads, This issue was also with me but now I got a fix.