How To Do Search Engine Submission For Blogspot Blog

Search engine submission is necessary after building your website. Submitting your site to the various search engine will give you consistent organic traffic daily and also conversion. 
There are many search engines but the most popular ones are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex & Baidu But the most popular SE (search engine) is Google.  

Search Engine Submission

Google is used by 80% of the users around the globe and the rest 20% is another search engines.

So I will guide you, how to submit your site to these search engines.

Tip: Before starting submission to the search engine, you must have great ON-PAGE tactics implemented on your site and also great content. If you have a good site, the search engines will index your URLs quickly.

Search Engine Submission Guide Step by Step

Google Submission

Search Engine Submission

1-Sign-in to Google Webmaster with your existing Google ID.

2-After signing in you will see this page, Click the Red button which says ADD A PROPERTY.

3- After Clicking you will be asked to fill out your website URL, Fill it with the correct address (HTTPS or HTTP).


4- Now this is the main part, where you will verify your website's domain. Choose the Alternate method and then the first option HTML tag and copy meta tag as shown.


5- Now just past the meta tag inside your HTML HEAD tag of your website builder, whether it' WordPress or Blogspot.

6- After pasting it, simply head back webmaster and hit the verify button below.

Verification is over now it's time to submit URLs.

If you want your URLs to be index correctly, then you want to submit Sitemap.xml to the webmaster.

For Wordpress, there is a plug-in named Site-map and for Blogspot. You have to do it manually by creating a sitemap from this site.

If you use Blogspot here is a full SEO guide for you.

Once you created the sitemap and now it's time to submit it to Google Crawler.

.Search Engine Submission

Now go to the webmaster and then sitemap under Crawler option, hit red button Add Sitemap.

You have to submit two sitemaps  (/sitemap.xml & /atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500)

Search Engine Submission

But before submitting, you must add you sitemap.xml to Blogspot blog.

After submitting all these, Google will view your sitemap URLs and index it in a few days.

Final Tip

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