Easy Ways to Make Money Online

In this post, I will be describing 5 legit easy ways to make money online from home or from anywhere.

I had been working for 1-2 years and I know which site is a scam and which one is legit to earn money.

So, for beginners, they should try this sites to earn money. If you think you're an advanced user in the computer then check my easiest ways to make money online.

You probably can make a decent income up to 200-300$ as a part-timer if you can work full time then you know time=money. I will be writing few sites and their alternatives.

If you don't have PC then you must try with Android best ways to earn money online.

Top 5 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Ways to Make Money Online

1-Microworker is a platform where you get paid by doing short tasks.I made 100$ a month from here.they pay through PayPal minimum payout 10$ you will get 1$ signup bonus.They pay weekly basis.




Ways to Make Money Online

2-2captcha is data entry based job where you will be get paid 1$ of typing one thousand captcha's based on your typing speed.

Some types earns 10$ a day.2captcha pays through PayPal, bitcoin and some other wallets.Minimum payout 1$.

You can also earn a great amount of money from transcription sites, these are also data entry based jobs. Here is a list of data entry jobs that you can do from your home. This jobs are easy but you have be patient..




3-Adfly requires you to make link shorten from there site for example (copy a URL of any site you like then go to adfly and paste the URL link to adfly and then they will give a custom URL link based on their site.

So what you have to do is paste this custom link to any social platform and when people clicks it you gets credit maybe 900 clicks =1$ so its easy money internet is enormous paste anywhere) they pay through PayPal on monthly basis.



Ways to Make Money Online

5-Clixsense is a platform where you can earn money by viewing ads of 5 to 6 second and also you can fill out surveys which pays 1-2$ per survey and it also have mini tasks that you can do.

You can earn up to 150-200$ per month by working 2 hours.they pays you through PayPal, payza on weekly basis.Minimum payout 8$.


Nexgent3.com trade any market
So, These are the best easy ways to make money online for beginners.
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