Easy ways to Increase Website Traffic 2017

So if you created your website/blog and now you want to earn money or you want to rank your website/blog first in google or want to sell products, for that you need a good amount of traffic.

Install Ubuntu on Android [Complete Linux Installer] with Video

I had previously posted, Install Linux on Android with Linux Deploy app. But now I want to show a different way of installing Linux on Android.I think this method is better than the previous method but a little bit longer and also you have to do some manual stuff on it, this is not automated. So let's get started!!

Install Kali Linux On Android with Linux Deploy

Running Kali Linux on android could be very beneficial for you and also will be so fun using, You can take this Linux wherever you wanna go. 

Installing Linux on Android is made easy with Linux Deploy app and alternatively with complete Linux installer app you can turn your Mobile into Desktop with these two apps. 

Following are the Linux Distributions that supports Android and looks beautiful,  So they are:

Run Xbox and PSP Games On Android 2017

If you would love to play Xbox and PSP games on your Android device then read this whole Article It would be nice while playing some quality games on your device. 

This doesn't require root access. All you have to do is to download some apps and files. So let's start with the Xbox.