Run Xbox and PSP Games On Android 2017

If you would love to play Xbox and PSP games on your Android device then read this whole Article It would be nice while playing some quality games on your device. 

This doesn't require root access. All you have to do is to download some apps and files. So let's start with the Xbox. 

How to Install Xbox games on Android

Xbox games android

1-Download this App called Xbox live, You can download it from the link given below..This Emulator is in the Chinese language.                 
   Download Emulator

2-Once installed don't open it now.

3- Now you have to download another application called [Hola VPN]. Because this Emulator only works, if you set your location to China.

   Download Hola Vpn

4-Once done all this open the App [Hola VPN] and from there choose XBox Live App and set your location to China than hit open now first it will take some time but don't worry be patients.
Xbox games android

5-Now you will be able to play Xbox games on your device.

PSP Emulator For Android

Installing PSP games on Android is so easy all you need is, a PSP Emulator and PSP game IMG file.

Follow my Steps:

1-Download PSP Emulator for Android from this link.

Download Emulator

2-Download Any PSP games for android from A to Z.

Download Games

3-Now choose the game you like then download it.

4-After downloading zip file extracts it to IMG file.

5-After extracting the zip file.Open the Emulator go to that folder in which you had Extracted previously.

6-Tap on the game.
PSP games android

And Now you're running PSP on Your Android....
PSP games android

So you just installed Xbox as well PSP games on your Android, be patient it takes time to load but it works. Thanks for reading...  If your Android is rooted then also check Best root apps for your Android these apps are beast must try if your device is rooted.

If you're interested, you can also install any Linux distribution on your Android with Linux Deploy or with complete Linux installer, which will make your device a kind of beast, And alternatively, you can install PS2 games on your Android Too!!

If any problem, Contact me or comment below... ;)
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