Ways To Make Money With Android 2018

In my view, these are the easiest ways to make money with Android device, read this article to know, how to make money from your Android device. You can earn 150-250$ per month from these methods. 

So make sure you have Paypal account because most of these methods accept Paypal. So I'm going to write it down step by step...

Ways To Make Money With Android

Make Money With Android


It's a great way to earn money with Android just by typing captchas. The pay rate is 1$ for 1 thousand captchas. It's easy if you are good at typing. 

How to start here?
  • Just create an account here
  • Once created, Click this link to download the Android APK.
  • And Start the work...

Survey On The GO

This is a great app in which you have to complete surveys. I'm still have been earning money from this app. On average one survey pays you 1-2$ for completion. 

If you answer all the surveys correctly than only you will be paid.

How to Start Here?
  • Download the app and install it.
  • Make an account here.
  • And start completing surveys...


It is also an easy way to make money from your Android, all you have to do is just make an Adfly link and start promoting on the internet and if anyone visits this link then you will be paid.

The pay rate is 1.5$ for every 1 thousand views.

How to Start Here?

  • Just create an account here.
  • And get any website URL, paste it into Adfly to shrink the URL.
  • Once the link shrank into this type of format https://adf.ly/1muZoY.
  • You just now have to promote this link on the internet to earn money.


It's also a great way to earn some real cash just by completing offers, which are provided by this app.

Now here it depends on points 40,000 points equal to 2$ or more. Types of offers you get  here are (Installing app from play store, registration, and game completion)

 All you have to do is:


Now, this website doesn't provide Android app but still, you can earn money from this website. This website pays more than the above-mentioned websites. 

In Micro worker, you have to complete micro-tasks such as [registeration on the website, testing app and sharing content of other]. You can check the pay rate of every task.

If you do like to earn from Computer than visit this links:

So this is how you can make money from Android as I said it depends on you, how hardworking you are and how passionate you're. This is the step by step guide to make money with Android device.

If you want some more interesting apps for Android then go here: Best Root Apps. These apps will make your task a lot easier than before.

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